July 24, 2008

DT On Location: Pioneer Day Festival In Ivins, Utah

I imagine everyone's off celebrating Pioneer Day in your own locales, but in case there's anyone on the Internet at all today, I've got a brief round-up of photos from the Festivities in Ivins, Utah. [St. George metropolitan area, btw.]

There was the parade, which I'll get to, but in the festival part--i.e., a dozen or so shade tents set up in the boiling hot blacktop parking lot behind the town hall, the fire department, the LDS church, and the city park, which unsurprisingly all blur together in a town founded by Mormon pioneers--the highlight was the lady selling quilts made from old jeans. They were big, substantial, and not very refined, but they were just $40. Crazy cheap.

I didn't see how much the toy guns were in the toy gun tent across from them.

The "Navajo Taco's" [sic] looked good--for September or October, when it wasn't 100 degrees out. Which would also be a great time to bring back the giant inflatable slide and clown obstacle courses. Within an hour of opening for business, the vinyl slide got so hot, little kids'd be crying by the time they got to the bottom, and even big kids didn't want to go again. The joys of desert living.


How could this have been posted at 5:16PM today if it's only 3:54PM?

Yeah! How could that be?! It isn't like there are different "zones" of time, where it could be, say, an hour earlier or later somewhere in the world...

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