July 24, 2008

DT On Location: ATV-Riding Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Pioneer Day in Utah always starts with a parade. Here in Ivins, south of St George, and near Zion National Park, that means pickup trucks pulling trailers decorated with sparkly fringe. And ATV's. They had a whole section of the parade of kids on bikes and ATV's. Little kids on little ATV's. Even littler kids on even littler ATV's. It's like the CPSC never existed.

Except for the trailer towing the town's new recycling bins, though, this group of women in pioneer drag was my favorite float. They're from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Every float--or old car or ATV--in the parade throws candy, which has kids scampering around like refugees behind a UN food truck. The townies came prepared with plastic bags, the kid used her bucket hat.

I think if we're back here next year--or any year--we might just put a float in the parade, just for kicks.


Nice! Make sure and send pictures of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Reenactment!

As if it weren't complicated enough... Mountain Meadows Massacre Day is September 11th.

Ahg, come on. Everyone loves 5 year olds on 35 CC ATVs! What could possibly go wrong?

This looks like one of those situations where everyone in town is IN the parade so there's very few people left to sit in lawn chairs and WATCH the parade.

We sat next to a Pearl Harbor survivor who flew over Normandy in the US Navy's only Spitfire squadron [yeah, I had no idea, either] and in Guadalcanal. While we watched the backup dancers from High School Musical parade by us. Go figure.

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