July 23, 2008

Life, Art, Fashion, Blog, Store Merge In Le Vestiare de Jeanne


A lot of people struggle with balancing work and family. A lot of people struggle with balancing a private life with one lived in the public eye. A lot of people struggle with drawing the line between online and offline realities. Charlotte Ism, of Nimes, France, is not one of those people.

Her blog, life and travels, her family, her photography, her children's clothing design company, and her store, are all, how you say, melangee at le vestiare de jeanne.

Judging by the age of her muse Jeanne, I'd guess that Charlotte was a new mom, frustrated at the lack of simple, minimalist clothing that suited her own lifestyle, and so she began designing and making it herself. Then her business grew, she needed a website, blogs looked easy to start and maintain...et puis...

And I'd be wronge. Charlotte is Jeanne's sister, who, at 18, decided to create a wardrobe for her then-6-yo sibling inspired by Yohji Yamamoto, Commes des Garcons, and [recemment] Raf Simons. Whoa. It all began in 2005, and it's been cranking ever since.

Anyway, it's goodlooking stuff, maybe a little edgy for the suburbs, and thanks to the useless dollar, it's expensive. But if you can't navigate the intricate web of seasonal collection blogs and online store blogs, you can always pick up a few pieces in the US at Modern Child. They're also sold in Sweden via Tuss. Both Modern Child and Tuss have advertised on DT, by the way, and Tuss makes just awesome kids' clothes.

le vestiare de jeanne [levestiairedejeanne.blogspot.com]
BLOG : "le vestiaire de jeanne" [blog-vdj.blogspot.com via andy]

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