July 23, 2008

Hey IE Users, Does Your Daddytypes.com Look Like This?


So I just heard from a regular reader that all the posts are missing when he opens the site in Internet Explorer. Does that happen to anyone else? Any sense of when it started?

If you've missed the posts the last couple of days: the guy you thought was an overentitled jerk flying in first class with his kids actually is an overentitled jerk. Also, Iceland.


Sadly daddytypes has been mostly invisible in Internet Explorer for me for months (as reported back in April)

Looks fine to me in IE 6.0.2900.2180 (company PC, no IE7 yet).

I haven't had entire posts go missing, but the titles of the posts disappear for me. Usually when I open the page, the first post has no title. If I mouse over where the title should be, it appears. Sometimes it stays, and sometimes it disappears again. The titles on posts lower down may disappear too. I'm using Windows Internet Explorer. It started recently--around when the comment-posting stuff changed.

Another IE6 user on Windows XP at work. No problems here.

sheesh, just went into town to check out the site on a Kinko's computer. what an mess. Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up W3.org standards.

This has been happening to me for months - where items on the page disappear and reappear if I click on the mouse over them - but only on IE (work computer). When I use Safari instead (home computer), it works fine.

Works now Greg.
Quick question- at the end of all the posts, you used to have a link to older posts...it gone, on purpose?

Started yesterday for me. No changes to version (I'm on 7.0 for a while now).

the pagination script I used didn't work with the new blog software I installed, so I'm going to get a new one soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, the monthly archives are a decent way to step back through the older posts:



It was like this for most of the day yesterday. I've seen it on daddytypes from time to time the entire time I've been reading (two years?).

Generally when this happens, any text below the huge whitespace is in italics. This strongly suggests that somewhere high up on the page (either dt's text or reader comments) there's begin-italics tag without a matching end-italics tag. The problem usually fixes itself the next time Greg posts an article.

Different browsers handle bad markup differently.

Next time it happens, see if you can pin down the bad HTML and report it to the blog/content management software folks.

There is some problem when mousing over the links within the ads on the right hand side of the page (IE offers to debug since I have Visual Studio, but then doesn't actually show the place where the error is occuring)

Also, searching for scripts on the page, it looks like the one at http://cache.blogads.com/45423838/feed.js uses language="javascript", which is apparently not supported for xhtml document types. Perhaps it should change to use type="text/javascript", like the rest of the scripts on the page?

That being said, I don't think either of things would cause the blank text...

I miss the easy links to past posts, too. It was a great way to catch up on stuff I'd missed. Can't wait for you to find that new pagination software. I'll wait to poke through the archives until then.

This has been happening to me over at Greg.org for months, but only started over here a week or two ago.

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