July 17, 2008

If You Buy Just One Republican-Themed Shirt This Season, Buy This One


Because the exorbitant margins on CafePress go straight into the pocket of some random profiteer, not the actual GOP. Turns out the GOP's even threatening to sue for trademark infringement.

Also, those elephants are pointing left. HAH!

Rightwing Stuff t-shirt, 25 freakin' bucks?? [cafepress]
GOP Fights Use of Elephant Logo [politico.com]


Man, and they call putting your kids in a cage in your truck "child abuse"...

I'm just saying we don't know the whole story. Cut the guy some slack; he may just not know any better, and in whatever backwards culture he comes from, it's considered perfectly normal.

Isn't that picture the elephant walk...which is one thumb in your mouth and the other in the analyzer...if your thumb falls out- you have to switch hands...

Good GOP strategy.

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