July 16, 2008

F-Raise Has A Great Crate Chair There


F-Raise is a Japanese concept store, with the concept being, "All things wooden, simple, and natural." It's simultaneously more precious and more homebody than J. Peterman; a Non-Urban Outfitters, with plywood and safety glass replaced by chicken wire and scrub oak.

Sounds contrived? Perhaps, but at heart, it's really just one dad obsessing over the perfectly designed kid's chair--which obviously must look precisely like a crate used to smuggle fake jade on that one episode of Hawaii Five-0:

You often see wooden kids' chairs and tables at outdoor shops and cafes. You think they're so nice, but sorry, they're not for sale. We have a little daughter in our house, so we have strong opinions about kids chairs. Since way back, I've had the aim "to find an authentically cool kids chair that suits the taste of this store," But back then, the store didn't have the juice to line up large-scale production, and it was really hard to find just the right off-the-shelf product amidst all the things other makers were putting out there. Then, just when I decided that, "Nope, there's just nothing off-the-shelf like I like, I was talking with a skilled domestic maker, who gave the OK with a, "Whoa, I'll develop a limited edition, just give me a bit of time!" I'm so grateful to the maker! Those pro craftsmen! He even answered my selfish requests, and surpassed even the chief's expectations for the finished product ^-^ [that's a Japanese emoticon, btw] This kid's chair is full of our shop's and the maker's enthusiasm and loyalty. Definitely, we'd love for you to use our loyal product, too!
Book'em, Danno! The F-Raise kid's chair is available in a rainbow of colors and finishes, all with, optionally, the F-Raise logo or your child's short name stencilled all over it. Not an option: ordering from outside Japan.

F-Raise Kid's Chair, 6,825 yen [f-raise.com]

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