July 15, 2008

Phil & Teds' Publicist: They're "The Apple Of Juvenile Products"

NY Times columnist Joe Nocera was tickled pink to receive a random, slightly rambling, and over-the-top press release from Phil & Teds' publicist trying to connect the brand somehow to the birth of the Brangelina Twins. Suffice it to say, I know who I'm nominating for the board of the Juvenile Products Fluffers Association.

Nocera and the Gawker folks act most shocked--shocked!--by the out & proud declaration that, "Children have become fashion accessories to parents who take them out and show them off." Personally, I like the more insider-y spin better, where she calls Phil & Ted's "the Apple of juvenile products..."

P&T unveiled that concept in 2006 at the ABC Kids Expo, after a capital infusion from an Australian private equity firm helped the company rebrand & expand. And it's working! If you count the press release text on NYT and Gawker separately, they're up to three Apple-Phil & Teds mentions online!

P.R. Pitch of the Month (or Maybe the Decade) [nyt via gawker]
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Good grief. Beyond the content problems, which are glaring, I'm depressed by the idea that someone can be in what I would guess is a relatively well-paid (relative to me, INCREDIBLY well-paid), somewhat senior position who can't even write English properly. The grammar was atrocious.

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