July 13, 2008

Hippie Directive: Deliver Plant To Apple Superiors


So how's it going for the hippie farmers who want to teach the world to sing, and furnish it with iPhone 3G's, grow apple trees, and save the honey bees on the snowy White House lawn? [cue Mr. Burns finger roll] Excellent.

Excellent if you don't count the ringleader, who was first in line at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue, and who got muscled out of line by cops for reportedly throwing apples and trying to gallop into the store holding some sort of silvery horse weather vane over his head.

And the little baby who'd been waiting in line with her dad? She ended up being #7 into the store. And she was carrying a little plant, presumably in a boot of some sort, and was promising a bright, new future for all humankind back on earth. Upon entering the store, Steve Jobs promptly served her with a C&D.

Video of hippie from The Who Farm getting sandbagged on the way into the Apple Store [youtube via cnet]
Dutiful profiles of The Who Farmers: "Who would wait a week in line for an iPhone? [cnn.com]
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