July 8, 2008

The Difference Between Campana And Country


So about this chair: I always keep my eyes out for a good base that I could use to make a kid-size Campana Brothers-style stuffed animal chair. I'd imagined using either Takashi Murakami plush dolls or Ugly Dolls, but if the idea worked, lashing them into a chair'd be a nice way to deal with the mountain of stuffed toys the kids accumulate, too.


The idea came from liking the concept but not the execution of The Cartoon Chairs, a Campana x Disney mashup in London last year. After seeing Douglas Homer's cool, modded Hairy Bertoia chair, I thought the little Bertoia side chair would work, but I think it's too shallow. [If only there were a kid-sized Diamond Chair...]

Anyway, we passed this round woven chair in a store window on the way to dinner the other night. It's made of wrought iron and nylon cord, and it's $85. I don't know if the wide open sides would support a web of stuffed animals, but it's promising.


Unless chairmodding turns out to be the tip of some craft-addled, Middle American iceberg. While poking around the web looking for the manufacturer of this--or similar--chairs, I stumbled across the mindboggling world of lawn chair macrame. Let me repeat that: Lawn. Chair. Macrame. Carol's Rugs has hundreds of patterns, plus macrame cord, flimsy aluminum chair frames, and instructional DVDs; all you need to bring is your endless supply of undervalued time!

So anyway, anyone know who makes this chair?

Macrame Lawn Chair Patterns [carolsrugs.com]

update: the spam filter snagged it, but Jenn from minor details ID'd the chair mfr; it's Iman Deco, and they've been getting Elle Decor writeups about importing them from Togo for years. They're made from old phone cable.


That's just a standard hoop chair. There's a store in Santa MonicaI visited a couple of weeks ago called Pot.Ted that sells them new as "African Hoop Chairs". The model you're looking at is called the "Festive jr.".

Here's the link: http://www.pot-ted.com/furniture/lounging/pages/hoopchairs.htm#

Crate & Barrel also sells them, I think.

a hula-hoop, an old hammock, stuffed animals, a few miles of fishing line and an upholstery needle. then you'd just need the legs, or better yet, start an even better trend and mount it from the ceiling like one of those 60s pod chairs, the designer of which i'm totally drawing a blank.

hammock would work, as you could work animal parts through the webbing - might want to dye it depending on the color of your animals (lots of brown bears - a nice RIT brown would be better than traditional hammock white). however, i think something more like tulle would be better if you have enough to coat two sides, or even just one side and aren't worried about the base material showing on the otherside.

sorry, just thinking while i type here...tempted to try this myself...

[Eero Aarnio's Bubble chair, perhaps? I think a hammock'd take a massive amount of stuffed animals to cover at Campana density. -ed.]

no,no...you wouldn't use the whole hammock, use it as a netting to stretch of the hula hoop to the required amount. damn, a hammock of stuffed animals? that would swallow a small kid whole!

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