July 8, 2008

Hippie Farmers, Kid, Camp Out For iPhones, Publicity

I don't see what the mystery is, GearDiary: some hippies have figured out a simple, 4-step plan for saving the earth:

1) Solicit donations and email addresses for a non-existent non-profit with a TBD mission statement ["#1: Draft mission statement for Do The Right Things: (501c3 status in progress)"]

2) Plant an organic farm at the White House in the dead of winter, starting January 20th. [thewhofarm.org]

3) Buy 3G iPhones for Barack Obama and John McCain, or more likely for his wife, since he can't use a computer without assistance.

4) "[S]et a new Guinness World Record for 'longest time waiting in line to buy something'" by camping out in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple store for a week with a baby. [waitingforapples.com]

Seriously, all you need is three one-page websites, a Paypal link, a Pack 'n Play, and a jogging stroller. It can't fail!


The things people will do for iPhone-related publicity...

Let Freedom Ring (iPhone 3G style) [geardiary]

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