June 26, 2008

Unidentified Local Man Has White Bavarian Bull Leather Car Seats


Next time I get a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, I'll remember to have Bespoke re-cover my kids' car seats covered in matching Bavarian bull hide, too.

image detail via pacific coast news online [celebuzz via my wife, who first saw it at people]
Creation | Leather [rolls-roycemotorcars.com]


I wonder if they're allowed to eat in it...

That is awesome. That will look great in the '94 accord.

I wonder if I spilled my coffee on those seats. Ooops! :P

It does look like the one kid is eating something, although he may just be chewing on a toy.

The matching haircuts are a cool father/sons bond. It is a shame that the boys shaved before they left the house.

You know that's David Beckham, and Brooklyn and Cruz.

[it's always interesting to see how long it takes someone to point that out :) -ed.]

Scary, what does it say about me... when I saw all the pics from this set, on an auto blog, the first thing to catch my eye were the matching covers on the child seats. Hmmm, are there pills to jump start a mid life crisis?

[yeah, and Beckham's taking them. -ed.]

"Brooklyn" and "Cruz," eh? You know what's a great boy's name? "Nebraska."

Nebraska Brace was a longtime local (Albany) politician, had a small role in Ironweed. Last time I saw him he was a greeter at Sam's Club.

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