June 22, 2008

Wilber's Barbecue, Hwy 70 Bypass, Goldsboro - NO

Oh wait, it's not NC Men's Room Changing Tables?

Never mind.

Nice hush puppies, though.


A changing table in a men's room of a classic NC barbecue joint? Are you effing kidding me?

Maybe you'll find one in a chain restaurant in Goldsboro, but not in a place like Wilbur's.

Don't you know, you've got to go back outside and use the back of your pickup truck for that!

I don't really mean to belittle your expectations, but I'm from down there. Wilson to be exact. The only thing you're going to find is some really good sweet tea!

[Wilson? I'm sorry you grew up having to drive so far for decent bbq. though as someone who grew up in Raleigh and only went to Wilber's on the way to and from the beach, I guess I'm one to talk. -ed.]

you grew up in raleigh?

i'd have to say i;m more of an Allen & Sons guy but these days i just make my own.

obviously i've lived in nc too long...

GB from the Bull City

[nice, but alas, no relation. What kills me about Wilber's and other old-school local places, is how they miss stuff. Wilber's serves canned corn, even though they run a freakin' fresh corn stand. Frost's seafood in Emerald Isle has insane soft-shell crabs and homemade hush puppies, but with canned beets. -ed.]

Greg from Bull City,

You've got the right thing there with Allen & Son's BBQ. They do it right down there working the real hickory smoke fire to cook their pork. Their desserts were really excellent as well. It makes me really miss Chapel Hill.

Greg from Daddy Types,

You're from Raleigh? You should know then that Wilson has two good BBQ joints: Bills BBQ and Parkers BBQ. I didn't really have to drive any great distance to savor the flavor. By the time I left Wilson, Bill Ellis was more than capable of catering any size BBQ party with his fleet of mobile kitchens. I've heard that Bills has fallen off a little bit of late. Success will do that to you.

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