June 19, 2008

Wow, Sweet Vintage Kids Clothes, Err, Vetements

Seriously, is it me, or are there just next to no good places to get vintage kids clothing? There was one rack of kids stuff at a vintage store in Huntington, mostly old t-shirts and Tufskins. [here it is on Google Streetview, with the rolling rack outside the door.] Stinky & Minky used to have a shop in the Village where they'd sell vintage [now it seems they're just doing wholesale of vintage-inspired designs.]


Maybe I've just been looking in the wrong country. Petits Habits is a Swiss outfit specializing in kids clothing from the 1950's to 1980, with an emphasis on "la mode italienne." They have only new old stock, unworn clothes in excellent condition, and it's kind of expensive, but hey. It's like Didier Ludot, but all for kids.

For example, just add a leopardskin hat, and the short-sleeved boy's suit on the right would be perfect for dressing your kid up like an old-school African dictator. Or for that Jerry Stiller-in-Boca look, try the loungewear-looking ensemble on the right. They're both like EUR139 [$US10,000].


The scale's off on these two dresses [compare the hanger.] The black and white dress is for 9mo, and the Beverly Hillbillies-go-to-Portofino costume is for 4yo. They're EUR99-139.

Overall, it's an awesome, time warping mix of "they sure don't make'em like they used to" and "you've come a long way, baby." They really did dress kids differ'nt back then.

Petits Habits [petitshabits.ch via, I forget]


those of us in flyover country have no problem finding amazing vintage kid's clothes. I need only make a trip to the nearest mega thrift and come out with several dozen outfits from the 1950s to the early 80s that cost me about $20. My wife finally told me I had to stop.

there is absolutely no competition for amazing vintage kid's clothes around here.

[whew, at least I'm looking in the right country. -ed.]

I've noticed the same thing. I have actually bought some vintage fabric and some vintage patterns to make some things and at some point plan on scouring the local thrifts to find some things. My friends and I have talked about opening a shop specializing in vintage kids clothing and furnishings for a while now. When I stop having babies that may be my retirement project.

I just buy vintage clothes for myself and then wash and dry it on extra hot, shrinks to just about the right size :)


[doesn't work for all the doubleknit goodness of the 70's, though -ed.]

My wife's parents kept all of her infant and toddler clothes from 1970s-era Paris, France (they never throw anything away), and now our daughter's wearing them. I can second the fact that they are very different from what you find today; we even have several jumpsuits that look like what the bad guys wore in vintage Bond (or Austin Powers) flicks, only miniature. Very cool.

"EUR139 [$US10,000]." -- Hubby and I got a good laugh out of this aside!

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