June 18, 2008

Now We Know: VW Jetta TDi SportWagen Drops In August For $23,950

Jalopnik has the press release, which doesn't mention what those dealer adjustments'll be for the first few months. Jalopnik also has this insane Sprocketsian tribute film, The SportWagen of Sorrow. The only thing it's missing is a cameo by Nick Cave. [jalopnik]


And here I thought they were moving to price parity for Canadians... we're going to pay $23,875 for the gas one and another $2200 for the TDI, apparently. I think our financing and lease rates are a bit better, so maybe it's moot, but still...

The demand is hot though so I supposed they can pretty much make the price whatever they want. The dealer I talked to here had 15 for August and they're all on hold already.

Smart move from VW, I guess though... typically a car has to be at least $3000 cheaper in the US to make it worth importing to Canada from a US dealer.

Nice! Any info on how roomy the back is for 2 car seats?

Check out this URL for more info: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/compx2008f.jsp?year=2009&make=Volkswagen&model=Jetta%20SportWagon&hiddenField=Findacar

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