June 17, 2008

So THAT's What's In Crinkly Books


Sheesh, NonToxicReviews makes me feel so unproductive. I don't know what you did last weekend, but Mr. Stinkhead created PDF's and howto's for two awesome DIY kid's books in the course of just three days--and the one day he didn't post was Father's Day!

First up is a make-your-own crinkly book designed to look just like dad's newspaper. Though it omits the first step-- explaining to the kid how, back in the old days, we used to have to read newspapers on paper--the video tutorial is quite useful. By laying down a thick soundtrack from Black Sabbath, it makes ironing and sewing straight lines safe for dudes. Personally, the highlight for me was to see what goes inside a crinkly book; it's easier than I thought. [I'd tell you, but I don't want M. Night Stinkhyeadalan on my case.]


Then yesterday, up went Heidi the HD Hippo, a helpful and instructional coloring/activity book that teaches children important lessons about Hi-Def television. Personally, I'd like to see a book explaining to these HD kids how lucky they are, because back in the day, Cybil Shepherd just smeared Vaseline on the lens for her Moonlighting closeups. And we had to get up to change the channel. But there were only four channels. And there was no TiVo, so we couldn't watch Sesame Street whenever we wanted. And even when it was supposed to be on, it was pre-empted by the Watergate hearings.

DIY - Make your own Crinkle book for babies [nontoxicreviews]
Free Coloring Book - HD for Kids! [nontoxicreviews]


That Watergate comment cracked me up!

I distinctly remember my Mom listening to the Watergate hearings for like 2,000 hours one summer we were in Davis Park, Fire Island. She had this sweet, cutting-edge Ampex (remember them?) AM/FM/cassette (no 8 tracks for us, oh no) radio, which was battery powered, since we had no electricity. We had a propane powered refrigerator and everything. Those were the days. I think I went from Memorial Day to Labor Day without watching TV or wearing shoes.

Sorry, I was having a Fogey Moment there.

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