June 17, 2008

Scrubs For Bubs


My First Scrubs are available in sizes 0-6 months, all the way up to 8 years. In blue and green, also pink, but not, inexplicably, in those crazy psychedelic paint brush patterns the nurses wear.

They can be monogrammed, but for authenticity, I suggest stamping "PROPERTY OF _____ HOSPITAL - DO NOT REMOVE" on the butt with a stencil and a Sharpie.

After you dress your kid in his scrubs, you can complete the little doctor experience by saddling him with a six-figure student loan and keeping him awake for 50 hours at a stretch. Then sue him for malpractice when he doesn't get himself into Harvard.

My First Scrubs Shirt and Pant Set, $28 [princesslinens.com via kathryn]


We bought a pair of baby scrubs, 18m size, from our children's hospital (McMaster Children's Hospital) when my first son underwent surgery at that age. My second son is just getting big enough now (12m on Friday! Yikes!) to wear them to bed. The older one, now 5y runs around announcing, "paging Dr. Scrubs, paging Dr. Scrubs!" whenever the baby wears them. They're so cute and great summer pjs.

Can my kid wear them to Starbucks in a desperate attempt to meet women?

[sure, whatever adds to the realism! -ed.]

Awwwe, poor kid! Getting sued at an early age! Lol!

Those are cool scrubs, but I prefer a lil' mechanic suit for my boy hehehe.

If stains come out of these like they do with the grown up ones I think I'll switch the kid's entire wardrobe to scrubs. Too bad I didn't know about these when our preschool was doing the career unit and all the kids were tripping over full-size scrubs yelling, "I'm a radiologist!" and poking me with (needle-removed) syringes while saying, "I'm giving you a vaccination!"

(Our preschool is on site at the medical center where I work; these kids aren't even three and they all want to be surgeons and endocrinologists like mommy.)

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