June 12, 2008

We'll Wrap Up Our Own Nostalgia, Thanks, Strawberry Shortcake

So there was a big licensing expo in New York this week, which apparently resulted in a phony trend story in the NY Times about companies redesigning their old licensed character properties to milk a new generation of nostalgic parents:...
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That Explains The Lukes, But Where Are The Lauras?

A study in the works at Harvard shows that Brazilian telenovelas have an impact--in Brazil, anyway--on lowering fertility rates and on baby name choices. From the abstract:We focus on fertility choices in Brazil, a country where soap operas (novelas) portray...
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Hey Little Girl, You Want Some Gummi Lighthouses?

No need to post the photo; it'll be all over the web by lunchtime. Gummi Lighthouses: When Candy Design Goes Terribly, Hilariously Wrong [joydevilla via waxy]...
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Sheesh, How About We Share Reading This Insanely Long NYT Article On Shared Parenting?

I think any parent who's juggling kid, work, and family responsibilities will say the same thing when they see this weekend's NY Times Magazine cover story, When Mom and Dad Share It All: Day-um, when am I going to read...
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Phil & Teds: The Real Slim, But Not Shady

It's the city parent's dream: a double stroller the size of a single. Just not if you use it when the sun's out. While the sun canopy on the Phil & Teds has certainly improved over the years, it...
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A Hard Manny Is Good To Find

Sexism has been much in the news of late, at least on this side of the pond [damn, but I hate that phrase.] So when you read Judith Woods' account in the UK Telegraph [I know, I know] about her...
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