June 11, 2008

Rad Mod Play Table & Stools At Hi+Lo Modern


Here's where I'd normally suggest that buying this sweet, vintage table and stool set for just $80, and installing it in your kid's room. But they're only 1 1/2 inches high, so you'd probably store them in your kid's drawer.

Nothing's stopping you from making your own, though. Do I make you feel crafty, baby?

hi+lo modern toys: MINIATURE MOD PAD TABLE & STOOLS, $80 [hiandlomodern.com, via mister jalopy]


Is that the Shagpad in you coming out?

[yeah, baby! -ed.]

Oh yes you do! :D Man, I want to have these for my own. Lol. Nice chairs and table you got there.

Which means I need to practice some DIY.


i am looking for pictures of 2-story brick town homes that are opened up in the front like the doll houses featured in your blogs. i'm having a very hard time finding anything through google and i just so happened to have stumbled upon your blog when i was about to give up.

if you have any pictures of this, please lend them to me!

thanks so much!

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