June 11, 2008

Prouve/Corbu/Perriand Kid's Room? But Where'd That Dog Come From?


Though the picture's from Elle Decor, not Interior Design, I think this is Florence Lopez's son's "lacquered Jean Prouvé bed" with "a cork bulletin board that Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand designed for two French universities" over it. I assume she lets him put a sheet down when he's going to sleep.


But seriously, what is up with that little dog in the foreground?

text: Profile of Florence Lopez, Interior Design, 3/1/2004 [interiordesign.net]
image: F. Lo's house, photographed for Elle Decor in 2006 [florencelopez.com]


Dog lamps were made by Disderot c. 1950 and attributed all over the place. I've seen prices from $500 to $2500 a pair.

it's a lamp, I have never seen it with a base, maybe it was created to hide the ugly cord. It's been at auction at Treadway Toomey (Chicago) unattributed "50s french dog lamps" and also been at auction at Wright attributed but can't recall designer.

[thanks, andy's post didn't show up because it had links in it. -ed.]

oh snap! I had you by an hour and 45 minutes...


The light bulb is in the dog's head. The base-looking wooden table is a swing-out side table that's attached to the bed.

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