June 11, 2008

John McCain's Hat, Integrity, $25


Looking to help John McCain earn $50 the easy way? You can buy a "Dads For McCain" cap and his integrity for just $25 apiece. Oh, sorry, it's just an Integrity t-shirt. Too bad it's not a fragrance: John McCain's Integrity for Men. It'd be perfect for apres-golf.


Which brings me to the other gift for the McCainiac in your life, the Father's Day McCain Golf Pack [$50], which includes a set of John McCain tees, markers, and an exclusive gold-tone John McCain divot tool, all in an attractive carrying case. Whoops, better have a backup gift: "Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks."

Also, don't forget to vote Nov. 5th. Better write it down, you know how you get sometimes!

"Creating Jobs | Strategy | Decision Center | Golf Gear" [via tpm]
The product reviews at the McCain Store last night were hilarious, but gone. Wonkette has documented many of them, though. [wonkette]


Or we could all get our kids a gift and vote Obama.

Thanks for the reminder about November 5th... :D

Wish there were someone worth voting for... Not that that's ever been the case in my lifetime. So I suppose it will be the usual lesser of 2 evils! At least until we have real campaign finance reform!!!

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