June 11, 2008

For Those About To Rock: Plush Guitars & Band Members By The Grateful Thread


Awesome. Nicolas Worth and Jami Gigot are designers in London who have just launched The Grateful Thread, a little collection of crafty rock&roll-themed products, which includes some plush/stuffed creations.

Chief among the offerings are the stuffed guitars they're life-size [for a kid, anyway] and made out of recycled fabric. They're each unique, and soft enough to provide little Townsend with an excellent learning tool for smashing his axe on the ground at the end of a set.


Also embarking on a tour of the net is The Monsters of Rock, a band of softie monsters. Though The Grateful Thread's blog talks about the new Monsters as a set, there are also individual monsters on the duo's etsy store right now, in case you've been hankerin' to do a solo album, or if you're in touch with your Inner Yoko,

The Grateful Thread [the-gratefulthread.com, thanks jami for the heads up]
Stuffed goodness at The Grateful Thread's etsy shop, $40-$180 [for the entire Monsters lineup.] [etsy]

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The Monsters of Rock is a must-have! Okay I admit it. I want one of these for myself. (Bad Mommy! Lol)

Okay, maybe my baby can play with them. Anyway I'm too old for them---NOT! :D

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