June 7, 2008

Kid's Wall Unit From Shipping Pallets


As this awesome wall-mounted shelving/desk structure demonstrates, Wouter's "palletsized research" is really paying off. I just hope he reclaims some sandpaper while he's at it.

Pallet-based construction and design by Wouter, featured on The Raw Foundation [rawprojects.org, via andy]


Is it sad that the second thought I had after seeing this, after, "beautiful!", was, "if that's in California, I hope they have a helmet for the little girl"?

I had the same thought... we could never have such a shelf in California, at least not with a workstation perched underneath.

Damn you plate tectonics!

Yes, perfect for the little girl who collects albums or tall, slim books. Seriously, are we supposed to believ =e that's her original copy of Hard Days Night?
I score this high for ingenuity, low for practicality.

[she was an eBay Powerseller at 3. -ed.]

I wanted a wall unit made from shipping pallets for my son's room, but wanted larger open shelves, not tiny little narrow cubbies (and fifty of them) are there any plans out there like that? I know it's a biznitch to take those pallets apart though!

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