June 7, 2008

D'Oh, They Moved The Grange House Without Us


I realized this morning as I was showing the kid the NY Times' animation of how the National Park Service is lifting Alexander Hamilton's 206-year-old country house up and over the church next door, then driving it around the corner and into St. Nicholas Park, that I was an idiot, and we should have been roadtripping up to see the action in person. Because the last stage of the move is happening today.

That'd sure take the wind out of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade's balloon. Plus, when you're done, you could head over to Broadway for shave ice and a churro. Oh well.

Check out the full picture: Hailton Home Heads To Greener Address [nyt]
Animation, but shouldn't that be "an"?: Moving A Historic Home

1 Comment

Watching house moving is like watching paint dry, unfortunately. (Unless the house all of a sudden falls apart, which happens occasionally) It's the kind of thing that time-lapse photography is made for. Maybe the NPS will post a video somewhere.

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