June 5, 2008

Knit Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Knit Snakes?


From the introduction to Nina Braun's exhibition at Helium Cowboy Gallery in Hamburg:

Nina Braun has always cut her own path, irrespective of social guidelines or standards. Through self-teaching, experiences and experiments, she has built the fundament she needs to devote herself to her creative output. She wants to be able to only do what feels right for her, and her alone. Years ago, she decided to leave artschool and investigate the spectrum of creative expression by herself and to gain her personal view on art.

Subsequently it’s impossible to label the work of Nina Braun. She doesn’t feel related to any genre or school, although she admits that being part of a scene can provide security.

Uh-huh. And I break with the pack by taking the label off my Banana Republic khakis. Braun might do better to just graciously accept a leading role in the German branch of the Everything's Cuter With Little Eyes On It School of artmaking, and move forward.

Her new sculpture/work Tumulus, above, is a seething pile of cuddly, knit snake shapes, which inhabits the territory between sculpture, toy, and furniture quite nicely.

As for her scene, her awesome, earlier works make it pretty clear who she hangs out with: sneaker nerds and indie toy designers.

Here's her 2005 sculpture/series Sneak Like A Panther - Puschen For The Cosy Generation, a wall display of trophy kicks, all handknit. [Check out that little Nike Dunk Mini in the middle there.]


And her The Kidnapping of Mr TTT Burger, which cannily incorporates the better known Friends With You character. The softie marker doll is just a bonus.


Nina Braun's show at Helium Cowboy runs through July 4th [heliumcowboy.com via mocoloco]
Images of new and old work at Nina Braun's site [ninabraun.net]

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