June 4, 2008

Papa Pillow For Metrosexual Dads


Now that we all wax our chests regularly [wait, right? right??], an entire generation of infants are at risk of growing up deprived of the vital kinesthetic imprinting that comes from falling asleep on dad's hairy chest.

Fortunately, recent advances in chenille technology have resulted in the Papa Pillow, a snuggly, fuzzy surrogate sleep nest/chest hair merkin. A Kevlar model is probably in the final testing stages.

Papa Pillow by Max 'n Maddie, orig. $20, now $16 [guppieboutique.com via dt reader jan]


That is ... odd. Babies seem to like the body warmth of snuggling like that, and hearing the heartbeat of the adult. Neither would be likely with this pillow.

@cynthia, I totally agree, in fact the practice of keeping newborns skin-to-skin is called Kangaroo Mother Care and has been studied to show that mothers AND fathers impart important health benefits to their newborns by keeping them against their chest. Fathers can raise their internal temperature so that they can raise and stabilize a newborn's temperature. No need for incubators or wrapping newborns in multiple blankets after birth.

It is slowly becoming the standard of newborn care throughout the world.

This pillow is yet another example of useless consumer junk designed to separate parents from their money.

And not every man has a hairy chest. Which bodes well for their daughters not to be cursed by back hair.

Hi Greg,

Papa Pillow provides warmth and comfort for babies. :) Also it saves you up the worry that he might get irritated from Daddy's hairy chest.

Gotta save up $16 for the second baby hahaha!


oh man up and get some sleeping baby drool on you. There is nothing better in the world than a sleeping baby on your chest (just for the fact that they are sleeping).

Trust me, you'll miss the feeling when they're older...

You have to be kidding me... Who thinks up this crap. Next thing you know Oprah will be giving them out.

p.s. #2 came on the 27th... A boy. Totally surprised and amazed.


[mazeltov, but who was surprised, you? I hope you had some notice he was coming. better order your chest pillow asap... -ed.]

I knew that one was coming around the 15th of June. He came 3 weeks early and we did not want to know the gender from the ultra-sound. I was expecting another daughter. I am still amazed at the blessing of life. I got a late start as a father I turned 40 last year.

I haven't been "showered" by the little guy yet, but the Mrs. has.

Toda raba.


p.s. I'm still working on the remodel of the baby's room. Hope with some sleep and hard work to be done soon.

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