June 4, 2008

Is There Really A Changing Table In Park Slope's New Sex Toy Shop?

When you're attending the grand opening of Toys in Babeland tomorrow on Bergen St, between 5th & Flatbush Avenues, would you mind checking out the alleged changing table in the rest room?

The NY Daily News' lede sounded definitive at first ["Chances are it's the only sex shop in the city with a baby-changing table in the bathroom."]

But then Babeland's owner is quoted in the future tense, ["And yes, 'I'm putting a changing table in the bathroom,' she said."] And now I wonder if it wasn't just the reporter's attempt at making a Park Slope joke.

I mean, do any stores in the Slope have restrooms bigger than a phonebooth?

Joy toy store gets a good vibe from Park Slope parents [nydn]

1 Comment

I think this calls for you to make your own research trip to Bklyn, you glittering Manhattanite. Going to Park Slope is not like locating the origin of the Nile.

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