June 3, 2008

Nuna High Chair From Holland, Not Ork


Nuna is a new Dutch kids' product company that just debuted its first product, the Nuna High Chair.

As befits a £195 high chair, it adjusts and adapts to remain useful, if not necessary, through age 6.


From the details on the company's highly styled website, it appears that the upper components and seat are polyurethane and/or foam, while the legs are a fine extruded aluminum. The safety latch looks as big as a Sony Discman.

If you don't speak Dutch, the chair is also available for viewing at Mamas & Papas in the UK, thus the insane price.

Nuna High Chair [nuna.eu, via og dt design shark jan]

1 Comment

Nuna Highchair from 6 months upto 12 years.

Nuna website, choose your language:

The diameter of the safetylatch (buckle) is rougly 2.5 inch in diameter. A discman is over 5 inch.

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