June 3, 2008

Fit To Be Freed


I guess if I keep kicking the family car decision down the field long enough, I could get my beloved Mercedes A-Class--in the form of the new Honda Fit. which'll go on sale as a 2009 model later this year.

Of course, then I'd want a diesel, which won't come, so I'll want to wait for the hybrid...

And I might be tempted to hold out for the three-row MPV based on the Fit, known in Japan as the Freed, which seats 7 or 8 [really?] yet is somehow 10 inches shorter than the Civic.

But then, why would Honda introduce a Fit-based 3-row, when they're leaving the third row out of the Civic-based MPV, the Stream when it comes to the US as a 2009? [aftermarket, perhaps?] What's up with that one? [besides looking like a fugly minivan from the back?]

Forget the motorized wheelchair and balloon dog photos, show me that thing carrying a stroller: Honda Freed: a new compact minivan[sic] [nihoncar via jalopnik]


I would wager that Honda may just bring in a three-row Stream after all. There's quite a bit of interest in smaller cars now that gas prices have risen. The Mazda 5 can't have the market all to itself, can it?

[it's practically the mid-sized R-Class. -ed.]

Why not go for the FRV seems like a better option for Honda if they'd like to expand their niche offerings!!!

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