May 29, 2008

Interesting Kids Stuff Coming At Wright20

I start wondering what's the point of pointing this stuff out. But then I think, if I can touch just one heart, change just one life, by helping someone find the $3,000 stool shaped like an Andy Warhol soup can, it's all worth it.

Here's the kid-related stuff that caught my eye from the upcoming Wright20 modern design auction June 21:


Lot 181: First up, a stool shaped like a Campbell's soup can, if Campbell's soup was sold in Italy. Simon International produced this thing, titled "Omaggio to Andy Warhol," in 1973. They were also the ones who sold the piles of pre-cut lumber to make your Enzo Mari furniture. Est. $2,000-3,000. [update: winning bid was $1600, with the 20% buyer's premium, it sold for $1920.]


Lot 218: Baby Bertoia Chairs turn up on eBay pretty regularly, though not always with a date [c. 1952] or in nice pairs. I've still got half a mind to buy one of these and zip tie a bunch of Ugly Dolls to it, make the kid her own Campana Brothers chair--and save myself $22,000 in the process. Est. $400-500. [update: $650 bid, $780 final price with premium. hmm.]


Lot 255:My theory is that without Ricky and Lucy doing PR for them every week on nationwide TV, vintage twin beds are undervalued, or at least underpriced. Still, they could be cool alternatives for a kid's room. These Donald Deskey twin beds for Widdicomb made of bird's eye maple, for example. Est. $2,000-3,000. [result: wow, $11,000 bid, $13,200 final price.]


Lot 361: Actually, here's the reason I've kept all these things in my browser window all week. This Nanna Ditzel teak high chair is just beautiful. It's interesting to see the variations in the design over the years as the chair moved from manufacturer to manufacturer. [Weren't some later ones in oak?] This one doesn't have a padded seat, or a safety dowel or strap to keep the kid from sliding out. But that notch in the cross bar makes me think that it did at one point. Just loop a nylon belt across there and staple it gently to the underside if you're nervous. Est. $900-1,200.

update: or do the chair up right with a thick leather strap, like the original. [thanks, mark!]

[update update: unbelievable, it sold for a freakin' $250, $300 with premium. I'm kicking myself.]


Mass Modern design auction, June 21-23 at Wright 20 in Chicago []

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