May 28, 2008

Old Toy Shopful Of Creative Playthings On eBay


There's been a whole slew of vintage Creative Playthings toys turning up on eBay the last few days, all in beautiful, unused, condition. For collectors or just folks who like their vintage wooden toys unbeat and unchewed-on, it's like Christmas in May.

According to the seller, CreativeMagpie, the toys are old stock from his/her mother's toy store, which she ran in the 1970's. Exactly where you'd like your old toys to come from. Check them out, the first auction posted, sweet animal-shaped blocks, ends on Thursday morning.

Check out the Creative Playthings trove at Creative Magpie's eBay page [ebay]

1 Comment

I have a set from Creative Playthings Princeton
N.J. that the small blocks have one , or two, or three or four holes and you match with pegs
on a block and have not been able to locate
if I have all the blocks. Any info?

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