May 27, 2008

Make Way For Ducklings To Not Get Sucked Down The Drain, Smithsonian

Ten little ducklings, swimming in the pool.
Because the National Museum of the American Indian thought it'd be cool.
Five little ducklings sucked into the drain.
Fourth or fifth time? Well, it happened again.
Little Aussie children were "standing there oohing and aahing,"
said their tour guide, who the Washington Post thought of calling.
"And that's when they were sucked into the filtration system."
The ducks, that is, not them.

Ducklings Die in Pool Drain At American Indian Museum [washpost via modern art notes]


And here I thought the ducklings had signed a treaty guaranteeing permanent swimming rights in said fountain. Figures.

[that's what the ducks thought, too. ed.]

On CNN Newsroom this morning, they were showing a clip of news anchor Heidi Collins' (I think) new baby, who looked to be a few months old, getting bathed in a bucket. She said her bucket wasn't name brand, but based on something that was "like fifty dollars, so we got our own pail..." I must say, the kid looked like it was having more fun than most babies at that age, especially in the bath. I've looked for video online, but can't find anything yet. Maybe it's not newsworthy, or maybe it's because it only aired a few hours ago.

Interactive media, that's what all the kids want these days!

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