May 27, 2008

Make Way For Ducklings To Not Get Sucked Down The Drain, Smithsonian

Ten little ducklings, swimming in the pool. Because the National Museum of the American Indian thought it'd be cool. Five little ducklings sucked into the drain. Fourth or fifth time? Well, it happened again. Little Aussie children were "standing there...
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DTQ: What's Under Those Bugaboo Hub Caps?

DT reader Mark has a problem. He lives in a brownstone apartment, and his Bugaboo Frog is about 1/2-inch too wide to fit into the phonebooth-sized elevator. So they have to fold the stroller every time they go in or...
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By The Felt Rugs Of Grey Skull!

John Pour Home is a Swedish outfit that hand-cuts 5mm felt into the eye-catching, fuzzy, customized rug of your choice. The skull rug shown here in grey or cream [and available in a dozen other colors] is just 128...
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Citroen Kar-A-Sutra Had Room For Seven Horny Mimes

Mario Bellini created the Kar-a-Sutra as a collaboration for Citroen and Pirelli in 1972. It was first exhibited at a groundbreaking show at MoMA that introduced Italian modern design to the US, Italy. The New Domestic Landscape. Not just...
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