May 22, 2008

Surrogate Brokers To The Stars! Actually, To Their Gay Agents And Publicists

W Magazine has a long, glowing profile of Growing Generations, a pioneering surrogacy consultancy and fertility center that is one of the first organizations founded to help gay and lesbian folks become parents. With offices in Los Angeles, Boston, and West Virginia [?], it has developed quite a following among "Gay Hollywood."

Oddly enough, W never mentions the lawsuit filed by a Growing Generations employee alleging his boss engaged in weird bondage bonding activities, insisted on sharing a bed with him on company trips, and tried to brainwash him into some EST cult or whatever. No sweat,'s got the details.

I don't know much about Landmark Cults and S&M, but the publiscist/dad in W said he refuses to get a minivan, so they can't be all crazy.

A-List: The Babymakers: Daddy's Little Helpers []
Uh, except they don't do sperm: The Insane Story Of Stuart Miller's Hollywood Sperm Bank Bondage Cult [ via gawker]

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