May 22, 2008

Kunigi Unu: Mom, Dad, I'm A Polyurethane Foam Pouf


These were at ICFF, but I must have blocked them from my mind like a drunken experimental incident at college. Brent White tells the New York Times about the inspiration for his Kunigi Unu stools:

I like the idea that when you leave your apartment, your couch and your chair might talk about you, and when you come home at night you might look around and think, 'Hmm, there’s something different here.'
Earth to Brent, they're not just talking! You rationalized to the Times that they were "designed to fit together like children’s beads," but on your own site you recognize 'When two chairs love each other...'" And yet you still insist that "Semantic understanding of a form can shift from nose, to leg, to phallus through mere orientation."

How about, instead of trying to change Kunigi Unu's orientation, you accept it for what it is? Give it support, help it find some other Kunigis to daisy chain with, to create a strong bench in a loving home. Maybe then it won't have to cruise around to furniture fairs and sketchy street corners anymore in search of random hookups.

Posts photos online using an alias? Bombono on Balmy, via alienfoam.

Furniture Fair: Chairs with Talking Points [nyt]
Brent White studio site, [impeti]

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But are they BPA free?

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