May 20, 2008

DT Headline Roundup: Peace & Love Edition

  • From the Boston Globe's profile of early childhood development researcher Nancy Carlsson-Paige, all I can figure about her new book, Taking Back Childhood: Helping Your Kids Thrive in a Fast-Paced, Media-Saturated, Violence-Filled World, is that kids should cut back on the media and the violence. From her own site's excerpt, It sounds like it has tools for parents to apply the ECD practice of taking "consideration for the child’s perspective." It may be an interesting and useful book to read. for moms. [via "for moms in Boston & beyond"]
  • Carlsson-Paige's earlier breakthrough book, The War Play Dilemma, written with Diane E. Levin, sounds interesting, too. And not just because of the irony that her son makes some of the most awesomely violent movies ever.
  • Speaking of anger and local newspaper parenting sites, when the Lancaster Newspapers in PA, launched their local parenting site,, DT reader Tim wasn't angry--it's Amish country, you know--just "disappointed." It's the kind of disappointment that gets your letter in the paper, too. []
  • If the NY Times is to be believed, dads are totally off the hook for ruining Park Slope; it's all the moms' fault. It is SO true. I was trying to drive down 5th Ave on Sunday morning, but it was already full of over-entitled yuppie broads with gourmet coffee on their "SUV strollers." Oh wait, it was actually full of old people eating street fair funnel cake for breakfast, so yeah, Park Slope sucks, whatever. [nyt]


    What do you mean, her son makes awesomely violent movies? Say more!

    [it's the first 33%, the middle 31%, and the last 32% of the Globe's article. -ed.]

    Coffee on their strollers? Hot coffee? Oh, the wickedness.

    Um, Tim, I think we went to school together! odd how the internet makes the world so small. it just me, or is there no link here to the Boston Globe article????

    [d'oh, it was formatted badly and didn't show up. fixed now, though. thanks for the heads up -ed.]

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