May 15, 2008

Nice. Via Toy Box Is Having A Sale Right. Now.

Via Toy Box - The Tower, also the colorEven though the company was only founded a couple of years ago, I've been a fan of Via Toy Box's modular plywood storage cubes since the 1940's. They make a great version of a classic, flexible, and modern solution for kids furniture. VTB cubes don't have the super-glossy finish or extra thickness of, say, P'kolino's or Offi's storage cubes, but they also don't cost as much, either. I was happy to pay retail for ours last winter, but I'd be even happier to buy some more on sale.

From today, Thursday, through Sunday, Via Toy Box cubes and sets are 25-30% off, depending on the configuration. They say they got new materials in, and they're starting to do wholesale to other retailers, so this is the last chance they have to sell below their suggested retail price. It's enough to make we want to stock up on spares for no particular reason. Plus I can get that extra top I've been bugging on.

Via Toy Box cubes and sets--they make beds now!--on sale through Sunday, with free shipping [, note: they have advertised on DT in the past]
Previously: Our Via Toy Box tower: the unboxing and building. Oh, and the slight repainting
DT nursery checklist: modular storage
freakin' awesome vintage storage cubes from Creative Playthings, Hans Gugelot [?], some Swedes...

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Thanks, daddytypes, for giving a shout out to all your peeps about our sale. We also meant to thank you before about the great pics of the assembly of your Via Toy Box tower. Your blog is great, keep up the good work!


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