May 13, 2008

Yes, The Jerrari: Sultan Of Reno's 1969 Jeep-Ferrari Mashup On eBay


Wow. After Enzo did that chin flicking thing when he asked for a 4x4 Ferrari, casino pioneer and car junkie Bill Harrah made one his own damn self. Or rather, he had his people do it. "It" being the careful melding of the front end of a 1969 Ferrari 365 GT and a Jeep Wagoneer. Though currently sporting a 350 V8, you could easily [sic] put the original 4.4-liter V12 back in. I assume you have an extra Ferrari V12 lying around, right? Right?


While the eBay Jerrari does not have LATCH--or even shoulder belts--it does come with this fine badge. Which is worth the current eBay bid of $11,000 all by itself.

1969 Ferrari: Other [and how], the Jerrari, one of two Harrah had made, is currently $11,100, auction ends May 18 update: final bid, $21,100, didn't meet the reserve [ebay via jalopnik]
Related: The other Jerrari is an orange 1977 Wagoneer with a Ferrari V12 and 5-speed at the National Auto Museum in Reno. []
not related, but there is a suspicious resemblance: Citroen DS wagon

update: after the jump, Andy's conception of the Jerrari Grand Wagoneer.



Well, now we know where Porsche got their inspiration for the fugly Cayenne.

[spoken like a true Porschephile. -ed.]

But it doesn't even have LATCH!

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