May 10, 2008

Fantastique! Bronze Bassinet By Philippe Hiquily


After debuting as an organic modernist sculptor in the 1950's, Philippe Hiquily became the Surrealist Metal Furnituremaker To The Stars [of the French aristo jet set] in the 1960's and 1970's. For example, the limited edition coffee table, "Poupouce," in aluminum & glass, with a lyrically curved figure whose pose evokes the elemental physicality of mud wrestling or the delivery room, if not Sixteen Candles.


Whichever comte and comtesse were having a baby in 1987 must have been dear, dear friends, because Hiquily made them this insane bronze bassinet as a present.

After years of repose and service, the bassinet turned up--voila!--in 2005 in the design sidebar at Art Basel Miami Beach. Whether it's that same dealer or her Netjetting client who put the crib up for auction at Wright20, I can't say. What I do know is that on May 20th, you, too, will have a shot at six months of off-le-hook bassinetage, followed by years of wondering what the hell you're gonna do with this thing.

581: Philippe Hiquily bassinet France, 1987 bronze, est $30-50,000, May 20 on eBay Live [ebay, also at wright20]
Philippe Hilquily, "Poupouce" table, edition of 12 []

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That poupouce table is disgusting.

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