May 9, 2008

Check Out These Vintage Hospital Symbols

IMG_6581.JPG, originally uploaded by crabstick.

E. Christopher Klumb & Associates designed a symbol and signage system for the NYC Health & Hospitals Corporation in 1972. This great poster shows a selection of them, including the various maternity and nursery-related ones in column 4. I think the fourth one down is Fertility Clinic.

The Terrence & Philip doctors on the right are nice, if not reassuring. I would never have guessed the "weave a potholder, plane a cabinet" symbol was for Occupational Therapy, though.

This PDF review of hospital signage has larger images of Klumb's symbols. But there's still no word on who designed the awesome, more abstract symbols which caught Scott's eye. Check out that baby. [tom's flickr via]

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Some of these signs are still being use today. Hospital signs are really big help for people who are not familiar with hospital languages and terms.

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