May 8, 2008

Virginia Is For Lovers, Staten Island Is For Wives

Congratulations to Congressman Vito Fossella, Republican [surprised?] of Staten Island, on the birth of his daughter. Three years ago. To his mistress. Who bailed him out of a Virginia jail over the weekend after his arrest for drunk driving. Mrs Fossella and the congressman's three other kids live in Staten Island.

In a statement released to the AP today, Fossella said he was "truly sorry' for the pain he has caused his loved ones [whichever state they may live in.]

NY congressman Fossella admits fathering child from affair [ap via talkingpointsmemo]


Sounds like the beginnings of an episode of Law & Order: Special Douchebags Unit.

Holy cow! Is he FLDS too?

[obviously, if he were, they'd all be living together. -ed.]

You must have missed the story in the NYT this morning about how FLDS folks in UT/AZ were surprised to learn that one of their local officials has 21 wives and 35 children in Texas, in addition to the ones they knew about in AZ.

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