May 8, 2008

How! Sweet Creative Playthings Totem Pole [??] On eBay


Sure, there's a fine-looking Creative Playthings dollhouse on eBay at the moment, complete with a family of squatter dolls, who at least haven't tossed out the matchy [if not all matching] furniture. But who cares when there's a freakin' Creative Playthings totem pole for sale?


It's a 6-piece, 17-in. wood stacking puzzle, a classic of the Indian Modernist movement, had there been such a thing. And it looks early; there were certainly no totem poles in the mid-1960's catalogues I've seen.

And while you're all staring at the totem pole, someone can grab that house for a tasty, subprime price.

Creative Playthings Doll House and Accessories NR, current bid: $49.95+ $22 s/h, auction ends May 12 update: sold for $167, nice price [ebay]
VINTAGE CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS PRINCETON WOODEN TOTEM POLE, current bid: $52.75+12.25 s/h, auction ends May 13 update: wow, $160! [ebay]


The totem pole is awesome. I have one in rough shape and missing a piece — but I still freaking love it. up the prices on everything I'm bidding on why don't ya.

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