May 5, 2008

Ninja Baby Blanket, Also Robots


Though she's married to the dadblogger behind NonToxicReviews, the maker of this sweet, crocheted ninja baby blanket does not call herself Mrs. Stinkyhead. At least not on her Etsy store.

She also makes a sweet robot blanket, too. Somehow, they're only $30, which seems crazy-inexpensive for the amount of work that goes into them. If I were a ninja, I'd sneak in there and raise the price.

Ninja and Robot baby blankets, $30 for now [magjones' etsy via nontoxicreviews]


I assume you've told Jim over at Sweet Juniper about this? He's decorated his daughter's room in a ninja theme, you know.

ha, darren, I bought them the second I saw greg posted this (the boy's room is all robots).

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