May 4, 2008

Hey-o, Julianne Moore's Tripp Trapp Is On eBay


Seriously. Moore and her husband Bart Freundlich have donated a "gently used" Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair to Johnson's Celebrity Hand-Me-Down Auction. All proceeds go to some dizzying constellation of kid-related charities. [And all goodwill goes straight to Johnson's. Considering how much the company's spending to promote a branded, celebrity auction where eight random eBayers end up donating a couple thousand bucks, I think the strategic objectives are clear.]

But enough grousing, there is baby gear to be bid on, gear which is certified to have passed from publicist, to a celebrity-affiliated space, and back to a publicist. For a Tripp Trapp, the time spent in celebrity proximity is worth at least $100 above retail. [update: or $155. The chair sold for $355.]

Even though it includes a teething ring, one of the least hand-me-downable baby items imaginable, Geri Ryan's re-giftpack is at a $150 premium. [update: it sold for $325.] And for Tori Spelling's bundle of baby boy clothing, it's even more, $300, probably because the phrase "All have been dry cleaned," gives the Onesies an authentic, starbaby patina. [update: $501.]

I can understand why that other chick from Law & Order is regifting their Olli booster seat [their kid, born three weeks ago, is at least four years away from the booster seat demo]. But unless it's a publicist-engineered "coincidence," I'd be a little worried, brand-wise, if expecting-again parents like the Tori Spellings and the Matt Damons were both offloading my company's diaper bag. Especially after all the effort it and expense it took to "gift it" to them in the first place.

Johnson's Celebrity Moms Hand-Me-Down Auction runs through May 9th at the Celebrity Moms [sic] eBay Store [ebay]

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