May 2, 2008

Playgoda: Slot-Together Playground Nirvana

So this morning Andy forwards me a link to a very promising blog, Playscape, which will focus on the art and science of playground design. And one of the first posts is the Playgoda, an awesome, slot-together laminated plywood...
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Lexus IS 300 SportCross: Saab Quirky Or Aztek Quirky?

Since I'm not an orthodontist, a middle market hip-hopper, or my parents, I haven't paid much attention to Lexus. So I had no idea Lexus ever made a wagon--or a 5-door hatchback, or a sportback sedan, or whatever phony...
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I.D. Q&A Re: Kid O Toys

I.D. Magazine just published a little Q&A with Kid O founder Lisa Mahar, who talks about the ideas, design, and production of the new Kid O Toys collection. Mahar sounds like they're doing things very right, and not just...
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