May 1, 2008

DT Publicity Contest Roundup: Or At Least Two.

Did the National Association Of Publicity Stunt Managers declare May Publicity Contest Month?

  • If your kid is born in May, you can enter him or her to win a $20,000 savings bond and to be named the first Vlasic Pickle Baby. Oops, the Vlasic Stork Baby. "As an added bonus, if the family makes the winning baby’s middle name 'Crunch,' the savings bond is increased to $25,000."

    Series I Savings Bonds interest rates have a fixed and an adjustable component that's tied to the Consumer Price Index. Coincidentally, the fixed rate is set semiannually on May 1--today--and Nov. 1. For the first time, it is 0.00%. [ via their pr]

  • Disney's family community site, is sponsoring a contest, too: a Crazy Baby Hair Photo Contest. The winning freakbaby gets $5,000 toward their college fund, plus a selection of Johnson & Johnson baby hair products.

    K2's hair is the freakiest baby hair on the planet, but since I was on the Disney team that bought way back in the Web 0.9 days, and since I was a paid advisor to them for the relaunch, and since that's a rather small prize compared to the amount of publicity that will be required of our kid, we will not be entering. Don't let that stop you from breaking out the baby mousse, though. Fire it up. [ via their pr]

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