April 29, 2008

That CrazyTrendy Flickr Collection, With Kids, And Now 80% Safer For Work!


Maybe 75%. Mister Jalopy calls the mmk_kobayashi's 4,000-strong collection "the best flickr stream ever." [uptone at the end, there: "ever?"] Also, tasteless, hilarious, and "sporadically NSFW."

Well, I was selflessly pulling out kid-related links last night, when I realized the easiest thing to do would be to just point to kobayashi's gaki tag. Gaki rhymes with cocky, not khaki, and it means "kid." A great word I'd forgotten, but which could really come in handy these days.

Anyway, that's still nearly 200 photos, only a couple dozen of which would start your officemates a-wondering. If that's still too many, here are a few kid-highlights [sic]:

  • So many things wrong with this Japanese salaryman/politician's nursing simulator made from what, Whole Foods soup containers? That's like half a gallon of formula.
  • Please start this trend. This kid's haircut is so much cooler than a Maddox.
  • Korean baby dustmop.
  • Dad throwing kid in a field.
  • baby and statue
  • Viva Mexico! They're not just dragging a box here; it has tiny little wheels. Awesome.


  • Dad [wild guess] at the mall, with the kids, in his stormtrooper costume. Also awesome.
  • Giant-headed security character scares crap out of kid. There are several of these.
  • And last, the photo up top is of one of my favorite flickr users ever, Ultraman Daddy, who, unfortunately for his fans, pulled his photos a couple of years ago.

    mmk_kobayashi's photos tagged with "gaki", some NSFW [flickr via dinosaursandrobots]


    Greg, I get a "mmk_kobayashi is no longer active on Flickr" message when I visit these links. Did Daddytypes take down the great Kobayashi?

    [whoops. my bad. -ed.]

    Man, I think Daddytypes did take down the great Kobayashi! He was there yesterday, but no longer today. :( It's quite sad, but I suspect that many of those images were copyrighted, and maybe all the attention raised some flags.

    He got DaddyDotted!

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