April 29, 2008

Our Children's Gorilla's Wonderwall's Fellows


The folks at Our Children's Gorilla, Sweden's great indie toy and design company [who have advertised on DT] have created a limited edition suite of prints for Wonderwall, Sweden's great indie wall decorating company [who have not].

Called "Fellows," it's a Tiki-inspired totem pole-looking thing. It's kind of sweet. Christopher and Jennie talk about Easter Island all the Polynesian stuff in their house, but I think I see a kachina doll in there somewhere, too. And there's no way you can convince this lifelong Burgess Meredith fan that that isn't Bubo the mechanical owl from Clash of the Titans perched on top of the whole thing.


"Fellows" by Our Children's Gorilla is 1200SEK, in an edition of 276[wonderwall.se via ocg]

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