April 26, 2008

Well, There's ONE Maarten Baas Clay High Chair

tv set Maarten Baas, originally uploaded by ibowoman.

In 2006, Dutch designer Maarten Baas debuted his playfully lumpy clay furniture at Milan. And in the intervening two years, some serious Maarten Baas fans in London had a kid, because the mix&match set of blue Clay dining chairs they commissioned includes a high chair in what can only be called Ikea Blue. Baas showed the whole set at Milan this year.

Clay furniture is made how it looks; industrial clay is smushed around a metal armature until it feels done, then it's all lacquer painted. [Uh, with low-VOC paint, I'm sure.]

An off-the-shelf Clay dining chair runs $2,900 at Moss. Which is the cost of one, at retail, in USD. I'm sure the price looks better if you're ordering direct, in bulk, and paying in pounds. Just hope the kid grows slowly.

There's another photo in mocoloco's Milan 2008 coverage [mocoloco.com]

Clay dining chair by Maarten Baas, $2,900 [mossonline.com]

Check out the Clay rocking chair at Baas's own site [maartenbaas.com]

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very creative work! just like boca do lobo, and delightfull, but in a different way... love it!

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