April 24, 2008

Why Is This Awesome Tummy Tub Video Being Supressed?


It doesn't have the money shot of the last one, where an entire roomful of babies sits, cooing happily in buckets, but the latest promotional video for the Tummy Tub, the Dutch-designed vertical infant bathtub, is pretty awesome.

But why does Domo Vital hide it behind a registration wall? They should put that bad boy on YouTube so all the world can marvel at how stable the tub is, how cheery the little babies are, held up just by a finger under their chins, how conducive the Tummy Tub is for farting...

It all looks so cool and carefree, it makes me want to have another kid so I can--oh, wait...

update: Liberation! Or else I just needed to check out the front page of tummytub.de, I have no idea.

The new Tummy Tub video, email reg req [domovital.com]
Hey, someone did put *one* Tummy Tub video on YouTube [youtube]
Previously, the 2005 video: The Tummy Tub, Dutch for 'Baby Bucket'


Looks like it's been changed... when i go to domovital.com there's an awesome clip there.

though not nearly cool enough for me to want to have a third kid.

[that's the one. just so no one thinks I'm high, here's the page requiring registration to see the video that's streaming free and happy on the main page. -ed.]

It looks cool and I even went to the trouble of getting one shipped from Canada, but it cracked twice within a few months of use. Once on the handle and the deal-breaker= the bottom. It needs BPA in the plastic.

We borrowed my sister's tummy tub to use for our son. He loved it. Now my sister's second child is enjoying the tub. No problems here, still the same tub after 3 kids.

we had tummy tubs for our twins 5 years ago and they loved them... we'll definitely get another for baby #3

I used a similar product for my babies- it's called the washPOD and was designed by a company in California called Prince Lionheart. It's basically the same concept, but has a wider base for additional stability and comfortable handles- it's also about half the price of the tummy tub. They are great for fussy babies especially when they have colic! I highly recommend it!

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