April 23, 2008

Study: Boys're Always After Yer Lucky Charms

Never mind that the University of Exeter, UK study just published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences [?] shows that higher nutrient, higher calorie diets at the time of conception are significantly linked to having a boy [55/45, roughly]. The real news is that the odds of having a boy "went up sharply" for people eating at least one bowl of sugared breakfast cereal a day.

While the study only focused on women [so typical], I'm sure the results hold for men as well. At least that's what you can tell yourself when you pick up that microwave-sized box of Crunchberries at Costco. Meanwhile, I see this getting immediately out of control in Korea. Just you watch.

Mother's diet can help determine sex of child: study [afp via dt reader jennifer]


I think you must have been thinking about China, regarding the impact of this research on projected breakfast habits.

[and India, where finding out the sex of your baby is officially illegal, i believe -ed.]

I've never been on diet before, but I think that I may have to go on one. And bye-bye sugar.

You might want to avoid bananas and salt on that diet as well then...

I find it odd that these articles (including the one linked by cam c.) mention that the study explains why wealthier countries are exhibiting a slight reduction in male births. I guess wealthy people go on diets and skip breakfast? That sounds more anecdotal than scientific.

As for the mysterious "B" in the journal title: Proceedings of the Royal Society is the parent of two scientific journals--according to Wikipedia. Series A is math, physics and engineering; Series B is biology.

[i usu. find the sweeping evolutionary claims or theories these studies prompt to be ridiculous. and thus the exact things that get more media attention. as for B, that makes sense on paper, but it's horrible branding. -ed.]

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